Why do I need one more thing to do… writing this blog?

Well, ..

1. I have too much free time… (Ah, no.)

2. I am a little addicted to blogging. (Thanks Jen!)

3. I have a lab full of women… (with kids no less)… that I feel a big responsibility toward.

4. I have a few things I want to share about my early career choices.

5. If I share some of my own mistakes, maybe we won’t all have to reinvent the wheel.

6. What’s that about work/life balance… maybe I’LL feel better if I can talk about how difficult this is to achieve.

7. And last but not least…I spend my days approaching scientific questions that fascinate me, maybe I’ll be able to pass on a little of that enthusiasm!

Please leave me a comment or suggestion – if you find this site useful, or have an experience to add, or a book to recommend, or ya just want to bug me….. for those of you who know me personally- please don’t use my first name in your comment.

Thanks for visiting….


3 thoughts on “Why do I need one more thing to do… writing this blog?

  1. Nice blog,
    Instead of coming out of my office to bug you, from now on, i can just do it via your blog:).

  2. Welcome! As my lab has fluctuated in size over the years, I’ve averaged 80% women in the group (and, yes, some with kids), so I really look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    Indeed, it takes time but it’s great to have a voice out there and have discussions that may not often occur in your home institution. Thanks for blogrolling Terra Sig and I hope to return the favor next time I find time to update mine. Blog on!

  3. Abel Pharmboy-

    Thanks for visiting! It seems that I have ALL the women with kids in my lab- and actually, that’s just fine with me. Some of them had picked up the impression from previous experiences that family and academic science were fundamentally incompatible, I can’t stand to see smart women leave science because of this attitude. šŸ˜¦

    It’s a challenge to balance things every day- but that’s just life no matter what business you are in. It is my best day when I see those fine, smart women have a triumph in the lab- and knowing that they accomplished this while balancing a spouse out of town, managing two kids, attending three soccer games, and having to clean up some unpleasant mess at the same time.

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