Work-Life Balance, Part 1.

There won’t be any unsolicited advice today, I swear.

A lot happened this week. There were two grants to be submitted, two papers were (or were supposed to be!) reviewed, two papers being written, three thesis defenses, two lab meetings, two seminar speakers (one hosted and one to be met with)… are you getting the idea… not to mention the attending the caucus, arranging two babysitters, going to the theater (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, in case you are wondering), and managing two blogs. Are you begging me to stop yet?? And, two kids to be attended to – I’ve got this all wrong- that should have been at the front of the list.

Believe it or not, Friday afternoon/evening was the only quiet time I had in my office to concentrate-and I was really waiting for that uninterrupted time… but then two things happened. My younger daughter (who is 5 1/2 for those of you that don’t know) called me from her after-school program to tell me that her bum was itchy- and only I, the all powerful mommy, could fix that. I think what she actually meant was- it sucked that you couldn’t put me to bed last night because you were not here…. and now I miss you and want you to come home… In 5-year-old-speak. Now I’m conflicted over wanting that quiet concentrated time to myself.

Anyway, about 5 minutes later, a friend in my department came into my office and mentioned to me that a youngish female colleague of ours passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind 2 small children. So, so. sad- and hit me hard in the context of the previous paragraph.

I will try to remember that there is life and there is making a living. As much as I enjoy my job (and it can be consuming) – it is making a living- and should, without qualifiers (unless.. aaahem… the -80 is crashing and the entire rest of the lab is out of town simultaneously), come second to taking care of an itchy bum or tucking someone into bed.


1 thought on “Work-Life Balance, Part 1.

  1. Hey you know that for some crispy taco’s I’ll do that -80C thing for you. I liked your last blog entry about the quiet thing, It sounds somewhat familiar!

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