Live Manuscript

As I wrote a few days ago- I submitted that paper. Its been 18 days…. nothing happens very quickly- hurry up and wait. In the online submission system – when you log in to look at the progress of your manuscript- you have got a folder there marked ‘live manuscript’… I suppose when they send it back rejected another folder appears marked ‘dead manuscript’- or ‘dead manuscript, that might be revived after a miracle’ ? Maybe I’ll have one of those in a few days.

In the meantime though- I am continuously thinking about with the next series of experiments to follow that paper, and I’m drowning in literature. Would it be too obsessive to take my laptop to the soccer games tomorrow…? (my daughter doesn’t like me yelling encouragement from the sidelines anyway)… NO WAIT, don’t answer that. I vaguely recall saying something about real life a few posts ago. Forgot to mention that there are three soccer games, and one birthday party-… which, as luck would have it, overlaps the presentation times of my two students’ talks at the meeting they are attending. I am forcing the family…. yes, including myself…. to take a break on Sunday with moratorium on obligations, appointments and work.


2 thoughts on “Live Manuscript

  1. I hate the waiting part too. And some journals take absolutely forever. There are a few online submission systems that have more “categories” in the status field so they’ll at least tell you if your manuscript has been sent out to review or still on the editor’s desk, when the reviews are in but the editor hasn’t had a chance to make a decision, etc. Hope you get a decision–and a positive one–soon!

  2. It says ‘under editorial review’ … which… after such a long time according to my wiser-significant-other… maybe wishfully thought of as looking for appropriate peer reviewers… maybe/maybe not. Best to stop thinking about it!

    Thanks for the good wishes though!

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