SuperDr.Mom’s Not A Super.

I had a crappy day yesterday. After being so proud of myself that I handled the previous 4 days well (3 soccer practices and 3 games, music lessons for all, school sing along, and trip to neighboring city to meet with collaborator, review paper, work on own paper, have lab meeting)- I took my daughter to a birthday party that’s not until NEXT weekend. Oh yeah- supermom’s got it ALL under control- what a goof!

There are many times like this when I feel unbalanced in career and home life, then I give myself a graphic demonstration that things really are spinning out of control. So we didn’t make any plans for the rest of the day or for Sunday… there was no other way of surviving. Bringing the schedule to a dead halt made time for us to discover a bunny living under the bushes in the front yard, the whole family went out to fly kites… and I felt a whole lot better.

John Prine was on Austin City Limits on PBS last night (I’m a big fan- and this was something I’d been hoping to see)… and after the restful afternoon and watching that… things are good.


6 thoughts on “SuperDr.Mom’s Not A Super.

  1. Sorry to hear about your crappy day. But you’ve got a lot to juggle, and if getting the date of a birthday party wrong is the worst of it, well, I think you’re doing pretty damn good! So I’d cut Supermom some slack here. 🙂

  2. At least you didn’t go to a birthday party that was last week. This kind of incident does not disqualify you from being SuperMom! These days kids go to so many BD parties that they need a social coordinator. Besides, having a fun spontaneous day kite flying has to count as quality family time, which can be hard to come by sometimes in between all the soccer games and manuscript reviews, etc.

  3. Mad Hatter- Thanks for the encouragement… Supermom is trying to have some perspective, after all- if no one is bleeding things then everything is just fine!

    BugDoc- Yes, at least we didn’t miss it- that’s the glass half full … It’s true about the social coordinator- between the soccer and social activities, and all the stuff that comes with the social activities (picking up the gift/making sure everyone has shin guards that fit) it’s like a second full time job sometimes. I did love the kite flying!

  4. aww, you totally had me thinking of one of my favorite Edna Mode scenes….

    just remember, Elastigirl didn’t have it perfect all the time either but she kicked serious behind when it counted….

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