Shuffle meme revisited… with hints…

All right, all right. I see Mad Hatter gave some clues this morning so I am going to copy-cat her. You guys are going to kick yourselves over some of these they are so easy! I’ll give you the artist in red but you still gotta get the song title…

1. If I were the moon I could catch your eye, I’m jealous of the moon. (Shania Twain)
2. A winter’s day in a deep and dark December… (I am a rock, Simon&Garfunkel)
3. Funny thing about this little heart of mine, all the ways that it can say I love you. (wow, I didn’t know I had this one). (John Denver)
4. Turnpike lane, turnpike lane you spiked my arm but you missed the lane. (Mark Knopfler)
5. With just a sleeping bag and an old guitar I left the band in New Orleans. (Jim Croce)
6. My lady may I have this dance, forgive a knight who knows no shame. (Mark Knopfler)
7. It brings a tear into my eyes when I begin to realize… I cried so much .. (Ray Charles)
8. Thought it was funny when you missed the train, when I rang you at home they said you left yesterday. (Dido)
9. Black eyes I don’t need them, blue tears give me freedom. (Shania Twain)
10. Something in the way she moves, looks my way, or calls my name seems to leave this troubled world behind. (James Taylor)
11. I’m so alive, I’m so enlightened I can barely survive a night in my mind. (John Mayer)
12. Gotta find out what I meant to you. You’re the one who broke my heart. (Sade)
13. I wonder where you are tonight, probably on a rampage somewhere. (Mark Knopfler)
14. Jehosaphat the mongrel cat jumped off the roof today, some say he fell but I could tell he did himself away. (John Prine)
15. Love is a burning thing, it makes a firery ring.(Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash)
16. Why this car is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic… (Greased Lightening, John Travolta)
17. I left my heart in San Fransisco with some club kids on a crowded street somewhere.. (Nellie Furtado)
18. Here I am again in this mean old town and you’re so far away from me (So Far Away, Dire Straits)
19. Same old place, same old city… what can I do? I’ve fallen in love. (Alison Krauss)
20. The moon is full, my arms are empty- all night long I’ve pleaded and cried. (Cold Day In July, Dixie Chicks)
21. Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find. Guys, my 10 year old got this one (SOS, ABBA)
22. Tell her I’ll be waiting in the usual place with the tired and weary, there is no escape. (Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music)
23. Think of all the things we’ve done, now you decide I’m not the one. (Chris Isaac)
24. Nobody’s got the gun, nobody’s trying to drop on anyone. (Nobody’s got the Gun, Mark Knopfler)
25. Is it worth it? A new winter coat and shoes for the wife. (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)


3 thoughts on “Shuffle meme revisited… with hints…

  1. #20 is Cold Day in July

    Huh…guess I’m not actually doing much better even with the clues. 😦 Will have to think about these some more….

  2. Mad Hatter-

    yup. A fellow country music lover I see… well, only SELECTED country music. You won’t see any George Straight up there!

  3. oke only saw your previuos one, not the one with hint’s yet,

    24 is nobody got a gun

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