Better than data.

I received the following poem from my 10 year old daughter today….

Dear Mom:

I love you a lot,
I’ll love you till the world rots,
I know that I whine,
I know it’s not pleasant,
But instead of saying sorry,
Here’s a little present. (a present was attached)

You take care of me when I don’t feel good,
You do all the laundry, you cook all the food.
You clean up the house when it’s a really big mess,
But I don’t get why I can’t have a Nintendo DS? (a running discussion between us)

This poem’s about to come to an end,
But before it is finished I have one thing to say-
I love you a lot Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ah, I think the exciting data has been displaced from my pocket for now- while my 10 year old reminds me of the distinction between my job and my life. And no honey, you can’t have a Nintendo DS or a Wii…but I’ll get ya your own blog…


6 thoughts on “Better than data.

  1. acmegirl-

    Thanks! and wow, I am feeling like we are already coming out of pre-teen and into teen… and I’M NOT READY YET!!

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  2. My gift was a hand-made insect, that read “Mom, you are my favorite person to BUG”. That appropriately describes my 8-year old’s view of his Mom. (and he wants a Nintendo DS, too!).

  3. Anonymoustache-

    Indeed. My dad introduced her to Shel Silverstein and now she loves poetry…which… is a great thing.

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