Not the memes …AGAIN..

How is it possible that I got tagged twice in one day? By bikemonkey for a books meme, and to PP for a music meme … or a Guilty Pleasures ‘what lame shitty crap music is on your iPod’ meme... sigh.

I’m going to start with #2… because I am a music junkie…. and I have some lame music on my iPod that I always claim is there because my KIDS love it. Uh huh, sure, you say. Anyway- I’m starting with the music meme in honor of the fellow who sat next to me on the plane the other day- who had a truly vast collection of songs on his backup drive and he let me listen in…

So now I’ve got some lame music in my collection:

My top 5 lame songs at the moment are:

1. Ricky Martin- Livin La Vida Loca (my kids LOVE this one)

2. Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much

3. John Denver- lame songs too numerous to count- I can’t blame that on the kids.

4. Eurovision 2008 Greece -Kalomira (that’s for my older daughter, I swear)- I have not listened to it myself.

5. Dixie Chicks- Cowboy Take Me Away

There you have it- the stuff on my iPOD I am embarrassed for the world to know about. Now that we got that cleared up, I have no more secrets. For the lame music…I’m tagging Mad Hatter, Microbiologist XX, Dr. Shellie, and Juniorprof.

I’ll get back to the other one in another one of my breaks from writing…


14 thoughts on “Not the memes …AGAIN..

  1. Aaahhh…I just got tagged by BikeMonkey too! And he’s already tagged you for the book meme, so I can’t even return the favor. So unfair! πŸ™‚

  2. Mad Hatter-

    Ha, beat you to it!! That books meme is LONG, so it has to wait … perhaps until tomorrow.

  3. Anyway- I’m starting with the music meme in honor of the fellow who sat next to me on the plane the other day- who had a truly vast collection of songs on his backup drive and he kindly let me listen in….

    Ummmm, I couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on… I get it now though, mine is going to be much worse than yours… think Air Supply. I’ll get to it soon.

  4. Juniorprof-

    Slightly edited you will notice.

    AIR SUPPLY???? O.M.G., Of course I have some other favorites I’m not proud of, but I don’t technically have to mention those because I don’t actually own them. Bryan Adams.

  5. I blame the kiddos too. The first two Shrek soundtracks are awesome and we rock the Happy Feet one as well.

    the real question is, do you actually have Tom Lehrer and Chad Mitchell trio on there?

  6. bikemonkey-

    I am NOT embarrassed by Tom Lehrer or Chad Mitchell trio- because as you delight in pointing out- their songs are genius. But sadly I actually own very little of these two American institutions.

    I have to say though- my mom gave me a gift certificate so I could buy the Tom Lehrer box set for Xmas (in the Tom Lehrer and altogether American spirit of consumerism) and I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Right after I finish these two papers… I’ll order it!

    I’ve played several Tom Lehrer songs for my kids- and they love those too- because they are just so, well, singable.

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  8. you should check out, that site is amazing, and from then on there should be no more embarrassing music on you I-pod. Its like making your own station, you type in a artist, an it will play that artist, but also similar kinds of music, just discovered it, and already love that site

  9. newly PhD-

    Thanks for the tip and I’ll check it out – as I frequently spend 10 straight hours in my office alone writing- I have a constant stream of music going and am always looking for alternatives and new music!

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  11. Your posts make me laugh! I prefer to pandora. It scobbles the music you listen to and based on your tastes, recommends similar artists.

  12. Dr A-

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad someone other than me finds me funny. DrMrA finds it hilarious that I laugh at my own jokes. I’ll have to try out I tried pandora- which I liked, but found a touch repetitive. Turns out that everything that they put together for me, I pretty much already owned.

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