Work Life Balance in practice.

It is hard for me to believe, but summer vacation is almost over and school will begin for the kids in a couple of weeks. I have submitted two papers and a grant, attended two meetings, reviewed two papers, hired a nanny for the year, interviewed piano teachers, and now the girls and I are going on a short vacation with friends and grandparents. The suitcases are 1/2 packed and I should probably finish that in the next hour before we leave. The girls are big enough now so that traveling with them does not require an entire suitcase of activities and food- although…. come to think of it- maybe it does but they just carry their own activities now.

Anyway- I’ll return in a few days. Hopefully with a more cheerful perspective on things! I leave you with this, a little humor from the Science Creative Quarterly…and my all time favorite…


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