Wild Dreams

Last night I dreamed…after answering a commenter about why I care about the ## of $$ in my field of science and in general, and where they flow… .and after watching a few too many hours of the DNC… that Joe Biden came into my lab and I was explaining in great detail the difference between hard money and soft money insititutions and how academic science works. It seemed like I knew a lot more about this in my dream than I actually feel like I know in real life.

I know, I’m a geek and a political junkie. I’m through apologizing for that.


2 thoughts on “Wild Dreams

  1. Awesome. I usually dream about being late for stuff (trains, planes etc) but last night I dreamed that Bill Clinton was late to give his speech and they were going to have to put him after Joe Biden and cut him down to 10 min.

    ‘Course, given B.C.’s track record of tardiness this one wasn’t so off the mark….

  2. Dr. J-

    Ha! That’s funny. I totally missed B.C.- I suppose I thought it would be later and I was putting kids to bed…

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