Hypocrites… as if we needed one more example.(updated)

I usually don’t post about politics or too much other peripheral stuff.  But- me and Dr. J. are addicted to the DailyKos- so here’s what I found there this morning… O’Reilly- caught speaking from both sides of his mouth again. So typical. Fucking demented right-wing wackaloon…. to borrow a phrase from PP.

And I loved this one at Bitch, Ph.D. too

I’m going back to paper writing this minute, I swear.


13 thoughts on “Hypocrites… as if we needed one more example.(updated)

  1. but…but…it is TOTALLY different! Palins are good Republican politicians so they can do no wrong! Spears? Well, duh! Hollywood!, fame, culturewar…obviously they are demon parents!

  2. DM-

    ‘good’ Republicans??? brings to mind military intelligence,… and government efficiency… etc.

    OOOOOHhhh. I’m in a mean mood today.

  3. Didja see the bit where Peggy Noonan, who wrote a whole fawning editorial for the WSJ about how Palin is the cat’s meow, was caught on mike airing her true feelings–that the election was over and Palin was a shitty disaster?

    I mean, I get that pundits are paid to be pundits. But if they’re purely shilling for the Party–who still listens? How ashamed I would be to have the whole world see clearly that my word meant nothing to me.

    And, to hijack your post a bit more–Dr Hyde and I were discussing tonight, why is it that none of our friends went into journalism? We both went to ivy-covered schools, tons of friends headed off to be doctors, lawyers, consultants, i-bankers, etc. But we couldn’t think of a single one we knew who even considered being a journalist.

    What’s that all about? When did journalism become so disrespected? I mean, doctors have awful jobs and have to fight the healthcare system all day long, but we have loads of doctor friends.

    Ok will go post this at my own blog instead of continuing to take up your space 🙂

  4. Dr. J-

    Feel free to hijack. Yes, I did see the whole Peggy Noonan thing. I had to laugh.

    I too went to an ivy-covered school- wouldn’t it be a funny coincidence if we went to the same one? I imagine I’m older than though though as I graduated in the 80s.

    Journalism- I don’t know anyone that became a journalist either. I would LOVE to be a journalist…. you know, in my next life… or if I don’t make it as a scientist…

  5. Isn’t it weird that we don’t know anyone who decided to take on the system by being an investigative journalist of some type? An Upton Sinclair?

    Actually I knew Chris Mooney in undergrad a tiny bit–I guess that sort of counts, but he’s more pundity than journalisty. Hadn’t thought of him before.

  6. bikemonkey-

    I’m recalling a great old Tom Lehrer song- you know the one I mean… Bright college days, oh carefree days that fly, to thee we sing with our glasses raised on high… isn’t there a line in there about …Ivy covered professors, in ivy covered halls.. etc etc etc.

    I’ll have to find it for you.

  7. Bikemonkey-

    You beat me to it, that’s the very one!

    Dr. J.

    Yes all us ivy-covered kids have great hair- as evidenced by well, the picture of course…

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