1.  Well, Whimple is my favorite person today, and possibly this WHOLE week.  On his insightful and perfectly timed suggestion, I made a few requests to those in positions to support my lab financially- I wrote the email in about 2 minutes basically using Whimple’s exact verbiage:

I hope you’ve gone to your Chair and said, “look, I’ve submitted 3 papers this month and have two more ready to go out the door, and I’ve applied for all these grants and I REALLY NEED YOU TO PICK UP THE TAB FOR MY FABULOUS POST-DOC FOR ANOTHER YEAR“. Did you try that? What happened?

… and, are ya sitting down-  THEY SAID YES.

So, I now have a supply budget which I am delighted about, and support for my postdoc for a while longer. I can stop worrying about this now and work on things that really matter, like the next 2 papers and the 2 grants I’m sending out come hell or high water.

I post on this partly to celebrate- but also as a reminder to the rest of you junior people to ask for what you need. Don’t try to whittle your request down to the absolute minimum, so as not to upset anybody or ask for too much- ask for what you really need to keep things moving.  Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants by a total stranger to remind yourself of this…

A wonderful weekend to you all, and this one is for you Whimple!

2.  Friday must be my day- because I returned from lab meeting to find that MY FIRST PAPER, you know the one that got rejected that we had such a discussion about in earlier post… WAS ACCEPTED WITH MINOR CHANGES TO THE TEXT ONLY (well, pretty much!).


25 thoughts on “!!!!Eleventy!!!(UPDATED)

  1. Woohoo! Yay for funding that not only allows the post-doc to work but also allows for buying of supplies with which to work!

    That sundae looks fantastically good.

  2. WAY TO GO!! And what a fantastic suggestion by Whimple. I’m gonna try that on out one of these days.

  3. You people are awesome! And hey- I just found out my paper got accepted with very minor changes…!!

    I was so braced for bad news…that I am having a hard time believing it!

  4. Hurahy! I actually told my partner your story and now we both are happy for you! Cool. I think, expecially we women can stand up and ask for more, because, on average, women still demand less than men.

  5. Congratulations on both fronts! You should forward the news of your paper’s acceptance to the chair who helped you with the cash-money, with a little note like “Thanks so much, See attached–I’m Hotter than Sarah Palin!”

    You know, the whole stimulus-reward: train the chair that every time he/she gives you extra cash, you might provide a reward in the form of paper production….

  6. Dr. J-

    Thanks! I’m giving all credit to Whimple… and I took your suggestion too… and sent the acceptance letters to the boss. That too, is an awesome idea.


    Yes, Although I started writing this blog to help others what little I could- I’m adding up the ways writing this blog has helped me as well. 🙂

  7. Yay for you! That is such terrific news. I’m sure you’re really relieved to have your postdoc around for a while longer. I hope that everything continues to go your way.

  8. Excellent news! It is a fantastic feeling to get your first paper accepted – congratulations. Hope you get to enjoy a well deserved break this weekend.

  9. Candid Engineer- Thanks for the wishes- I’m so relieved.

    Bugdoc- The reviews are 180 degrees different from the previous set- I’m going to have to frame the editors letter – which says …’thank you for contributing a clearly excellent manuscript to xyz journal, this was the easiest decision I’ve had to make in some time’

    That was totally unexpected.

  10. Woo! I’m glad it worked. Good deal on the paper too. Really, with that kind of productivity in a promising new faculty member, this was an easy call for your Chair.

    There’s no downside to asking for help from people that can help you, if they like you and you really need the help.

  11. One of my friends once got a review that said, “This is a gem of a paper.”

    The lab took on “gem” as the word of the month after that. “Why, you’re a gem of a postdoc, have I mentioned that?”

  12. DrDrA,
    congrats with the funding and the paper. You already left when I heard. You have earned it, and enjoy the weekend after such good news

  13. Ewan, Crispy taco :-), and Anonymoustache… Thanks!! French champagne flowed yesterday, that DrMrA is one in a 100 million….

  14. That is so awesome!!! I am super happy to hear that. And also encouraged to know that its okay to ask. Good for you, and best wishes for all the rest of the stuff in the works!!

  15. Arlenna-

    Thanks for the comments! I really needed someone to tell me what to do there, because it honestly didn’t enter my mind to ask for more postdoc salary. I don’t know why it didn’t, but it didn’t.

    I also learned from Whimple’s suggestion that HOW you ask for something is just as important (or maybe more important) than WHAT you ask for. The ‘look at the concrete milestones I have reached, and then hit them with the request approach’ – is really effective.

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