Flags… and old folk singers

Watching the RNC and that waving flag background on the giant screen made me think of this…

I know he’s gettin’ older but I don’t care. I love this song. I was raised by hippies, what can I say?

I’ll save his ‘Dear Abby’ song for next week…


2 thoughts on “Flags… and old folk singers

  1. Yay for John Prine! I grew up listening to him as my dad is a huge fan. We went to see him a couple of years ago and he did this song. It’s amazing how well it applies to today even though it was written more than 30 years ago . . .

  2. K

    I’m a music junkie and huge John Prine fan, and a sucker for the protest song. I have never seen him in concert but would love to…. just have to wait until he travels in this direction… 🙂

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