Blogrolling: A Gentleman’s C

I’ve no time for posting (being in grant writing purgatory AGAIN), but I have to tell you I’ve been reading this blog written by Angry Professor (‘A Gentleman’s C), and it makes me laugh.  Read this post– I nearly fell out of bed- I haven’t laughed so hard since I found the Order of the Science Scouts Exemplary Science Badges at Science Creative Quarterly….


5 thoughts on “Blogrolling: A Gentleman’s C

  1. Professor in Training-

    Me too. Nerdtopia.

    Although I guess it wasn’t so bad…., I did end up with a hot mediterranean lover. Details will not be forthcoming.

  2. I wasn’t so lucky with the hot mediterranean lover … I shared a large grad student office with 10 guys, all of whom were married or in long term relationships (none of them were hot anyway). On the good side, I now have 10 over-protective brothers but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of hot grad student bunny sex.

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