Post-grant deadline stupor

In my post-grant deadline stupor… I’ve been rather useless. I can’t seem to get it together to call program about my score- I will though, I know I have to and I PROMISE I will. So- how have I been spending my days, I hear you cry…

Well, I’VE BEEN DOING AN EXPERIMENT. Yes, that’s right, an actual experiment. Someone’s got to do it for a paper revision and my postdoc-of-the-golden-hands is on her first vacation in three years, so I elected myself (what the hell was I thinking???). Continue reading

Summary Statements.

Last night before I left my office (at 8 pm) I made the mistake of going on Commons to check if my summary statements were posted yet. Don’t make the same mistake- it’ll just ruin your whole evening.

I’m pretty tough, but the first 24 hours after reading the critiques I usually walk around feeling mighty pissed off.  So read this post knowing that those 24 hours haven’t yet passed, and that tomorrow I’ll have a more detached impersonal view of the whole thing. Continue reading

R01 review has been posted…

My July resubmission was reviewed last week. I was so fried from submitting two grants in October that when I got (no kidding) 5 emails saying that the outcome was up at Commons (the electronic tracking system for NIH grant status for those of you that don’t know)- I just kind of stared at them and didn’t open them- thinking ….why are you telling me ?this? I know you received my latest submission.  I was kind of still stuck with that last grant. Then I focused on the word review- and duh…

So, there is good news and bad news.  Good news because it got scored (<160, so <30 percentile) … and no one looks forward to triage (i.e. no score, no panel discussion). Bad news because its not a fundable score (right now at this very minute- the 10th percentile is the top fundable score in the study section relevant to me).  I’m waiting for the pink sheets- if I remember from last time they turned them around pretty quickly. I’m going to talk to program- although I think that there is almost no chance that this will make a difference in this round… but since I’m a new investigator, who knows. And, I can still resubmit it as an A2- so that’s a good thing, right?

Anyway- I haven’t yet told my collaborator…. No need to destroy a perfectly good vacation with this news- it can wait for a few days.

Back row thesis defense bad manners.

To the greybeard thesis committee member behaving badly at the defense:

Hey fella- I took an hour off from writing my grant, the day before the grant was DUE, to come down here with the intention to listen to this Ph.D. candidate give a lovely seminar about the work she has devoted the last six years of her life to. It would have been nice to be able to actually hear her speak- instead of hearing you just generally being an ass talking loudly to your neighbor, and shuffling your Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions

The lack of new postings on this site has been noticed by my friends.  So, now that I’m done with the two grants… I shall pick this up again.. here goes:

I was invited to speak at a meeting… which is exciting.  But- here’s the thing- the meeting is only most peripherally related to my area of interest. It is very unlikely that anyone in my field (even the broader field) will be at this meeting. I have looked at the other sessions, and the poster sessions- and I can see about 1 presentation that might be interesting to me.  So- I thought I would arrive the day before the talk, give the talk the next morning- and be on the plane in the afternoon. That was all cool with me.

Earlier today I was on the meeting site doing the registration… and I saw that the registration fee for this meeting is $700. Continue reading

The day I became an atheist…

2 Grants done. Submitted. Finished. Outta here. I’M TOTALLY fucking fried. In that spirit…and because I’m too exhausted to do anything that involves actual thinking, I will oblige Comrade Physioprof, who has tagged me with the following meme

Can You Remember The Day That You Officially Became An Atheist?

Nope. I suppose its not been all that long ago as I considered myself agnostic for quite some time. Continue reading

6 year old wisdom, part II

Little A:  Mommy- I like Mr. Obama- he wants to be president because he really CARES about people….

Me: Oh- really?

Little A: Mr. McCain just wants to be president because he wants to boss people around!

A 6 year old’s impression of the candidates for president.

I should mention that this was inspired be seeing Obama TV commercials which, by some very strange twist of fate, are currently running in the state where I live. Perhaps it is turning pink?

Unsolicited Advice: Geography, Spouses and the Job Search.(updated)

Abel pharmboy has a very nice post up today about the application process- and casting a wide net as part of the discussion started by Physioprof and hijacked by me…. which you can all go over there and read.  Dr. Free-Ride has a comment on that post-… which I will quote here… because I’ve got to say a thing or two about it…

From experience, geography is a constraint if one has a partner whose career is not fully portable, and especially if you both have kids whose care you want to be a part of.

I get this, I do. I am part of a two academic career partnership and we have two kids. Continue reading