6 year old wisdom, part II

Little A:  Mommy- I like Mr. Obama- he wants to be president because he really CARES about people….

Me: Oh- really?

Little A: Mr. McCain just wants to be president because he wants to boss people around!

A 6 year old’s impression of the candidates for president.

I should mention that this was inspired be seeing Obama TV commercials which, by some very strange twist of fate, are currently running in the state where I live. Perhaps it is turning pink?

11 thoughts on “6 year old wisdom, part II

  1. C PP-

    Its a HER, and there’s an addendum.

    This evening she went to play at a friend’s house… and the friend’s mother told her that they don’t like Obama…. because he is ‘friends with bad people’. My child came home and asked her father about this… and he said it wasn’t true (of course)… to which my 6 year old says… ‘I don’t like it when people try to trick me!’.

    But to answer your question, I’m going to wait until she is 7 to explain to her that people like McCain are ‘depraved right-wing wackaloon assholes’… 🙂

  2. Kids are smart. When sitting in the waiting room with my 6 year old niece, Obama came on the television and she was immediately glued. Another patron asked, “Sweetie, do you know who that is?” She replied, “Yes ma’am, that is the next president of the United States.”

    This was in January.

  3. Why on earth would somebody spout their politics to a six year old? That is crap. crap to the 6th degree.

    And as far as not liking somebody because they ‘are friend with bad people’…don’t even get me started on that crap. Name one politician who isn’t friends with bad people…other than Kuccinich I bet you can’t!

  4. Pinus-

    That’s a good question…Maybe she saw the Obama sign in my yard … which has been there about 2 weeks now without being stolen!!!

  5. Well after last night’s disappointing Canadian election result, I hope that your sign and your kid manage to influence more people to vote Obama! I just can’t take another night of smug right wingers smarming all over my TV screen.

  6. that was cute too 🙂 – but i’m saddened to know my 2nd inner response was, “oh, i hope she wasn’t ostracized…” sigh. this world we live in…

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