The issue of balance.

Yesterday DrMrA and I took the girls to a neighboring major city to go see ‘The Nutcracker’, which was lovely. Of course there was a lot of arguing before we left about whether or not it would be appropriate to wear athletic attire (shorts!) into the ballet- BigA pretty much won’t wear anything else.  She’s about to be 11 and oh MAN- she’s doing teenagerdom early. Both kids enjoyed the ballet- LittleA with eyes big as saucers and Julia-Roberts-pretty-woman type enthusiastic clapping after every dance, and BigA playing the big sister role explaining the story in the upcoming sections. Did I mention that I really, REALLY enjoy the time we spend together as a family, all four of us in the same place simultaneously.  These times are frighteningly rare.

During the regular work week, we are barely all together except Continue reading

Brief Blogging Holiday

There will be a short interruption in regularly scheduled blogging- while I’m at home managing my two little sous chefs and attempting to put a worthy feast on the table. I’m not allowing science to interrupt this holiday- and if science is not allowed for a day- neither is blogging…

I will leave you with this- yesterday my two daughters declared themselves ‘dessertatarians’ … they will eat the dessert, the whole dessert and nothing but the dessert!

Maybe we should just skip the turkey and go straight to dessert??!!

I wish all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving a pleasant and safe holiday!

Learn to USE your voice.

In one of my recent posts I bemoaned the fact that sometimes I do a whole lot of asking for the same thing over and over again, without being listened to. I want to make it perfectly 100% crystal clear that fatigue of asking should under no circumstances cause you to give up and go away. I was reading a post written by Abel Pharmboy today– which continues the discussion about what allies of women in science can (and frankly should) do to increase the participation of women in science, and help those that are already there.

Abel posts a letter he received from an esteemed female scientist- relating to a panel discussion on work-family balance that this person attended-  where the panelists didn’t speak to the heart of the important issues.  It seems that those well-intentioned panelists themselves didn’t understand the important issues for the audience here- and the audience gave them a kick in the pants Continue reading

Drive By Character Assassination

Ambivalent Academic put up a terrific post yesterday on witnessing a public character assassination at a recent meeting she attended. The scenario is basically this, after giving a presentation at a meeting a junior female speaker is called a liar in front of her entire field by an established senior man in the field.  You can dress it up any way you like it- but that’s the nuts and bolts of what happened. Continue reading

Attention deficits

This past Monday after my return from vacation (late Sunday evening)…. I phoned home about 3:30 in the afternoon, and was told by my younger daughter that she wanted me to come home “RIGHT NOW”.  This is 6 year old speak for ‘I missed you a WHOLE lot, and I gettin’ tired of grandma bossing me around- you know, she’s not as much of a sucker for me as you are mommy’.  Well, I had a seminar scheduled for 4 pm, and since I’m the coordinator of the seminar series, and I know the speaker- I couldn’t just punch the time card  and check out right at that minute (those of you in academia are laughing your asses off right now Continue reading

Gettin’ with the Program

Before I left for vacation I made an appointment to talk with my PO (program officer, for those of you who don’t know). I approached this from the perspective that I was soliciting the POs help in making the resubmission of my application the absolute best that it can be- because the reviews seem addressable to me. I have been thinking and worrying about how this interaction might go quite a bit in the last few days. I prepared for it by re-reading my proposal, Continue reading

I want you to hear me, I don’t care what you see…

In my absence I picked up a whiff of a lot of chatter about what women scientists wear to work… or talk/write about wearing …. going on in the blogosphere.  I thought about this quite a bit, I fretted about it, I wrote out a blog post longhand because I didn’t have a computer handy while on vacation. I am sure many of the regular readers of this blog know what discussion I’m talking about so I’m not going to give you all the links- it involved the usual suspects.

And now I’m going to say something that is going to surprise you I’m sure- I am not going to talk about what female scientists wear to work, what is appropriate, Continue reading

Slow return to blogging… and reality…

Ok, so I’ve been away…. And my mind is not quite switched on yet. We had an awesome time, really. My mom took care of the kids and we went to visit my in-laws. I am amazingly fortunate to have excellent support from my family to care for my daughters from time to time. I ate and ate and ate… which will necessitate endless hours on the elliptical machine/track/that evil stair climbing thing in the gym/rowing machine…insert your favorite piece of cardio torture equipment here- but I don’t care. DrMrA proved he still has the mojo to drive in the completely chaotic traffic of this crazy country and parallel-park in a space the size of next to nothing. Continue reading

Across the pond…

There will be a short interruption in blogging… DrMrA and I are visiting in-laws.  Yesterday we got delayed for a delicious 9 hours in Paris.  If you are going to be delayed somewhere… I suggest Paris is a great place for this (and I don’t want to hear a lot of complaining here about the french…).  We took a bus into the city ….

Yes we can!

What can I say- I feel compelled to post about the election yesterday of Senator Barack Obama to be our next president.

I wept tears of joy through his entire speech last night.

It was a breathtaking moment, in which I felt an overwhelming amount of pride in my country and it’s people. I feel strange even saying that- because I’m not very nationalistic- Continue reading