Yes we can!

What can I say- I feel compelled to post about the election yesterday of Senator Barack Obama to be our next president.

I wept tears of joy through his entire speech last night.

It was a breathtaking moment, in which I felt an overwhelming amount of pride in my country and it’s people. I feel strange even saying that- because I’m not very nationalistic- and as I have already said I have a parent who is a foreigner, and a husband who is a foreigner- and I have lived in many states, and in various countries. I never felt myself attached to the soil anywhere, and I’ve been a guest in foreign countries many many times and felt like the ugly American. The year that George W. was first elected, I was living with my daughter in Europe for the summer- and I distinctly remember watching and feeling goodwill erode toward me and my country, as my president backed out of the Kyoto protocol… and then made various other wrongheaded and unpopular decisions in the summer of his first year in office. The slide continued for 8 more long years.

Last night all I could think about was the African-American grandmother who cleans my office- who is raising her 6 grandchildren because their parents are unable to do so. Now, when those children look at the television- they can see a role model, a fine intelligent and compassionate man (who looks like them…), raised by his grandmother under modest circumstances…. to grow up, be elected to the highest office in our country, and to bring together the citizens of the most powerful nation on earth to face down our most difficult challenges.

Everyone needs a role model. Seeing is believing, right?


6 thoughts on “Yes we can!

  1. I am so happy too. I think one of the important but very intangible aspects of his election is what it can do for minority and underprivileged youth in this country….I am delighted for this reason, amongst many, many others.

  2. PhizzleDizzle-

    I felt similarly overwhelmed when Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house. For many of the same reasons…

  3. I finally feel safe being happy about it–I was too unsure of what would actually happen despite all my hopes, and finally last night I got to give in to how wonderful it is that our country stepped up and said this to ourselves and the world this way. Good job everybody, and good job Obama and fam for giving us something to look up to and hope FOR.

  4. I was so excited to hear that the percentage of black parents who now believe “My child could be president” soared to over 64%. America is a place where people need to be able to dream and reach.

  5. Arlenna- I had to watch the electoral vote tally go all the way up past 270- even though I knew that if he won Ohio and PA, he was almost certain to win…

    Academic- I agree completely.

  6. It is just a tremendously life-affirming moment isn’t it. I am very unemotional externally most of the time, but this moved me because the sheer magnitude of it and what it meant to people, like the person you described, was impossible overstate. Just the prospect of hope for the future already feels already better than the cynical approach to the world that we all have had to tolerate for the last 8 years.

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