Across the pond…

There will be a short interruption in blogging… DrMrA and I are visiting in-laws.  Yesterday we got delayed for a delicious 9 hours in Paris.  If you are going to be delayed somewhere… I suggest Paris is a great place for this (and I don’t want to hear a lot of complaining here about the french…).  We took a bus into the city ….


8 thoughts on “Across the pond…

  1. 9 hours of delay in Paris is great (unless public transport workers are on strike 🙂

  2. Lovely Parisian post. Your work-life-work balance is nice to see. How I spend my days is pretty balanced too, but we were taught in grad school never to let on that this is so…

    Don’t respond – you are on vacation!

  3. Hypoglycemiagirl- It was raining but we didn’t care. Got to live in the moment.

    ScienceGeek- My work brain (and my blogging brain) is off while I take a few days to pretend I’m 25 again- We’ve been staying out until 3 am, and not getting up until 1. If this keeps up a few more days, I may completely avoid having jet lag on either end…

    Academic- The absolute most wonderful thing is seeing first hand excitement around the world at the election of Obama. You can’t imagine how the whole of Europe was rooting for him!

  4. seedaside-

    Complaining about the French is allowed on this blog if you are really and truly French! This means I get to complain about Americans….

  5. PhizzleDizzle-

    Thanks so much for saying so, and my jet-lagged ass is back at my desk…. so blogging will resume after I eat the last croissant…

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