White December

Yesterday when I left my office- this was the state of things outdoors.


It hasn’t snowed like this here in all the 10 years that we have been living here. It was strange timing because LittleA was just asking me if we could go to Grandma’s and see some snow sometime. … now we don’t even have to go there… the snow came to us. I’m sure it will all be gone today, but yesterday the kids and DrMrA made an actual snowman… I so wish I could show you a picture of them huddled around that snow beast with glorious smiles and flushed cheeks.

When I put the LittleA to bed last night , in kind of a dreamy way she declared  ‘I’m going to dream about snow… and Santa…’

My heart melted.


9 thoughts on “White December

  1. I have plenty of snow here… want some? It started snowing here at the end of october and at least every other day we get some more.

  2. Eugenie- We used to live in Boston where it seemed like we got 12″ every week. That was before we had children- now we live in a place were we haven’t seen snow in 10 years!… I think we got just enough though- enough for a night of fun- but not so much that it makes driving hazardous, or melts into dirty, slushy, water and seems to hang around in drifts for months!

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