LIttleA smokes out Santa impersonators….

LittleA had a sing-along at school last week, and a special guest was in attendance. Since I was unable to attend the sing-along (I attended the 1st grade holiday party earlier that day), DrMrA attended the sing-along as the parental unit on duty. This evening at dinner he was prompting LittleA to tell me about the special guest… you know, the one wearing the red suit with the beard..

LittleA:  That was Santa!

Me: Oh, wow!

LittleA:  But he was not the REAL Santa.

Me: Really?  How do you know that?

LittleA: Because that guy had a cell phone.

Me: Oh?

LittleA:  Santa DOES NOT have a cell phone- he answers LETTERS, mommy!

Right, I’m sure the REAL Santa, doesn’t have any use for a cell phone. Besides, LittleA knows that I’m the real Santa…. she’s got a sister who teaches her everything.


3 thoughts on “LIttleA smokes out Santa impersonators….

  1. daedalus2u- Quite right. She’ll be happy to know that her observation has been independently confirmed!!
    Happy Holidays to you!

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