Facebook and History.

Shit. It took < 24 hours for old boyfriend to find me on facebook.

Double shit.

Pseudonymity has it’s perks.

Regular posting on serious topics of academic science career interest will resume shortly.


17 thoughts on “Facebook and History.

  1. LOL (sorry)

    If you hit “ignore” on the friend request page, he’ll never actually see a response, he might think you just haven’t seen the request.

  2. Hahaha. I’m with Cath – just hit “ignore” and he’ll never know. Also, if you have a friend who you later want to “de-friend”, you can do this and they’ll also be unaware of it until they can’t find you listed as a friend anymore.

    You’ll be amazed at how people manage to track you down. I have relatively common first and last names and am not even living in my home country but was still found by two old friends separately about 6 months apart — one that I went to primary/elementary school with and the other was a high school friend — I hadn’t seen either of them in 25 and 20 years respectively. We had no common friends and I wasn’t in any groups that were in any way connected to either of them so I’m not sure how the hell they did it. At least I was glad to hear from them again. I don’t think I would be that happy about an old boyfriend finding me … although it would be gratifying to see them all fat and ugly!

  3. There are a lot of privacy features you can use to prevent people from finding you. When you first sign up, these avenues of access are all open, requiring a lot of door shutting quickly. I was surprised at what is considered the default standard.

  4. C PP- I suppose I wasn’t expecting it…. esp. so fast.

    Cath- You people gotta warn me, because I’m a freaking beginner! đŸ™‚

    Fortunately it’s not one of the ones I absolutely wouldn’t want to find me.

  5. Cath- You assume I know what I’m doing. I love that. They must teach that in Advance facebook, I’m still barely allowed on there with training wheels! Give me a minute!!!

  6. But, I’m confused. Can’t boyfriend find you anyway, from your professional web page? Is it more troublesome to find you through facebook?

    I am really easy to find — a unique name, so easy that anyone who wants to can find me. That has included friends of my sister’s, who were trying to track her down. Fortunately, those friends haven’t been ex-boyfriends, though some of them have been ones my sister would rather not get in touch with.

    The stuff out there on the web about me bugs me sometimes, but there’s not much I can do about it. For example, I try to keep my address fairly quiet. But, to donate to candidates, you have to give your address. So my name -> fundrace or other web sites with campaign contribution info -> my address -> the price of my house -> who I am married to -> where he works . . . .

    Fortunately I don’t have any stalkers.

    (OK, I’ll admit that I’m just old enough that I don’t get facebook at all, and am definitely out of that particular social grouping).

  7. Neurolover-

    I had a very common last name in high school. Not Smith- but just about. It’s more complicated now, and my married name is quite unique. So- for those who don’t know my married name it’s actually not that easy to find me.

  8. I’m on under my married name – I figured that only people who know me well enough to know who I married a year ago would find me that way. And I also chose a photo (same as blog photos) that is obviously me if you know me as an adult, but wouldn’t be obvious to anyone who knew me at school, when my hair looked very different.

    The girl who bullied me for years at school still found me though – and tried to friend me! I soon put a stop to that.

  9. Hum, I was thinking a why not take about Facebook, but if it’s about face kooks then there is no point. Unless you would like to play some game at who’s remembering you to the point they track you down, and who’s not…

    Not sure this helps making a decision.

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