Moment of Silence.

There will be a brief interruption in blogging while I pause to sob into an entire box of kleenex..shed tears of joy while  I watch the peaceful transfer of power in the most powerful democracy on earth.

What a thrilling day it is for us all. I can’t find words to describe this cathartic moment. The live pictures from the mall are incredible.


6 thoughts on “Moment of Silence.

  1. We have TVs in the lunch areas of each floor in my building, and every single one was crammed with people, silently staring at the TVs with smiles on their faces. It was beautiful.

  2. I’m canadian, so really this shouldn’t matter, but it did. Despite it being a beautiful, sunny, WARM day. A perfect spring-like ski day. I stayed in to watch the inaugration. I was very very emotional. Things I noticed, he took very little credit, always brought it back to what the people had to do / had done.

  3. Dr. J & Mrs. H.- During my first pregnancy, and since my daughter was born, I became overly emotional about many things. I can still cry at the drop of a hat. Once the little fella, or gal makes their appearance… the whole heightened emotional state doesn’t go away… just FYI.

    And also… today is my older daughter’s 11th birthday.

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