Overheard at DrDrA’s house…

Top 10 things overheard in DrDrA’s house in the last 24 hrs:

10. Dad says we can take our swimsuits and go in the pool. (From BigA,… it’s 70 degrees here and suddenly they think this is the tropics.. I’m cursing their dad right now).

9.  You need your hair cut, I like your hair a little shorter! (From yia yia (greek for grandma)… about my hair…)

8.  How’s that for daredevil! (From the bigA after jumping into the 50 degree pool …. to do one better than her sister who took the stairs in.)

7.  Can I borrow your car so I can go get some shit? (From DrMrA who put in a vegetable garden plot for littleA the last couple days.)

6. Want to practice mitosis with me? (DrMrA made some new visual aids for teaching and wanted to demo them for me)

5. Should I make cheese AND spinach pies? (From yia yia… needless to say, all diets are off for a while.)

4.  I don’t wanna practice for my piano theory test, because I can already do it perfect. (From littleA while being exhorted to practice for tomorrow’s piano theory test by her mother…)

3.  We are out of yeast and onions… (From DrMrA …Sheesh, grandma has only been in the house 24 hrs. and we are ALREADY OUT??)

2. Can I have an email address? (From BigA… and she got one… and now she can bug love on me by two different methods while I’m at work, instead of just one).

And… drumroll please…..

1. Mommy, I want to be just like you! (From littleA while observing my dog walking technique)  AAAAHhhhh. I’m doing this job right, I think- not the dog walking, the mommy part!

(And I’m waiting for my father-in-law to tell me I got ‘little fatter’ since he has last seen me… I’m giving him about 3 more days…)


8 thoughts on “Overheard at DrDrA’s house…

  1. My sister likens her in-laws to fish … after a couple of days, they are well and truly off and it’s time to get rid of them.

    I’m totally jealous that it’s warm enough to consider swimming outside. I don’t think my legs will ever feel natural warmth again and I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve been this pale.

  2. PiT- I ADORE my in-laws. They come visit and take care of me (and everything else)… when my father-in-law tells me I look ‘little fatter’ what he means is ‘you look healthy’. This is a cultural thing… and it only took me about 15 years to figure it out. If he doesn’t say this- I’ll know there is either something wrong with him, or I actually look sick.

    My children will find water and immerse themselves in it if the air temperature is >60 degrees.

  3. Happy Birthday Big A. I love how in eastern culture you look fat is really you look healthy. I’m always getting told I”m too skinny, except the punjabi word used translates as dried out.

  4. Oh man that unleashed a craving for tyropita. Dr Hyde and I were in Greece a few years back, and one of the many, many delicious foods we had was a melopita (apple pastry). I was starving and it was the best breakfast ever. Even though Dr Hyde just made a yummy dinner, the thought of Greek food has made me hungry again! Way to marry into an ethnicity of good cuisine.

  5. BugDoc- Thanks, I’ll pass the wishes along.

    Dr. J & Mrs. H- An ethnicity of good cuisine, excellent vacation spots, and wonderful family oriented culture. It’s often LOUD, but it’s a lot of fun- and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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