Today’s Count.

Sorry for the lack of blog to you loyal followers… I’ve been in major I’ve-got-to-get-this-done-RIGHT-NOW mode for the last few days. When I get in this zone, I’ve got tunnel vision for the goal. Today I’ve lightened my load up by getting several things I’ve been feverishly working on off my desk for a while. The count for today-

  • Papers submitted/both revisions: 2
  • Letters of Intent written/ edited: 2
  • Biosafety officers dealt with: 1
  • Lectures given to med students: 1
  • Budgets/and process started for various grants: 2
  • Sets of material sent to collaborators: 2

I’ve got to say it feels pretty awesome to get those papers off my desk. I’m very pleased with how they turned out. For one of the papers we did an experiment that the reviewer’s suggested (only we did it in a better way), and it turned out to have a very interesting result. I’m delighted about that. And for the lecture- I feel like I’ve reached the perfect balance of material for that lecture- finally… so I can stop worrying about it. Let’s see how many emails I get about it before tomorrow, so far, not a one.  Dealing with biosafety is a more depressing story, but I won’t say another word about that here. I’m not letting it get me down today!

Once I send out those letters of intent tomorrow, I’m going to get back into grant revision mode as I’ve got one going back for the March deadline. I’ve been carrying those reviews around with me, and re-reading them for the last few days, and I feel good about starting up on that again. I’ve got one more paper that’s finished save for the discussion, I’ll try to finish that on the side.  And a second one in revision that I’m waiting on the experiments for…We’ll see how that goes. Keep your fingers crossed…

Oh, and I did one more thing:

  • Blog posts written: 1

All in all, I’d say it’s been a very good day!

(sorry, I realize that’s a pretty boring post…)


1 thought on “Today’s Count.

  1. It’s the first week of tests for my little cherubs. They are crawling up and down my backside! Freshmen make me crazy. And I nailed some cheaters on my 1st pop quiz to the wall. I went all CSI on their asses – the academic affairs office peeps think it’s a “fun case” – gee, great. I have a chick who needs to take the damn test early. fine. She also needs the lecture material early. AHHHH. I have a collaborator visiting next week. I have an invited seminar talk to do (and make up!). And a letter of reference to write. That paper on my desk is NOT calling my name. Nope… LA LA LA LA.
    It’s officially ‘silly season’ – yippee.

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