Kids’ Accomplishments

It’s 8 am on Saturday morning… do you know where your kids are? I’m with my older one- at an academic competition which started at 7:30 … on SATURDAY morning. BigA has been participating in this competition since she was in second grade, and it is something that she started having fun at all on her own- no parental pushing was involved.  Her academic ‘sport’ has not always been the same in all of these years… and in the last two years she has had to try out and be selected to the ‘team’. This year she was the only one in her grade to be selected for the ‘team’.  BigA has tried on various activities over the years- and some (like the music lessons) I find myself working to get her to participate in. Then there are others (like this competition) that she just longs for and never complains about. That’s the sign of something you love doing- and we are going to try out a few new activities after our semester off (from soccer!) to see if we can find a couple more activities that ‘fit’ her.  Anyway….. she didn’t want me in the room while she competed this morning… so I’m sitting in the hall waiting for the outcome….

LittleA’s been busy too, on the piano. Yesterday she SHOCKED me by playing her piano festival piece with both hands!!! Her teacher has been singing LittleA’s praises- but I don’t generally get to hear her practice because she practices before I get home in the evening. Last night the music came out and LittleA gave a performance. My level of enthusiasm for her accomplishment was such that I’ve been hearing the piece over and over again in the last 24 hours. I don’t mind- I’m delighted that she likes playing and is doing well at it!

So- it’s all good. Happy Saturday Morning to you all!


3 thoughts on “Kids’ Accomplishments

  1. It’s good to know that they do make progress eventually. Through some highly abstract form of infant reasoning, ours has determined that food is only palatable if she’s allowed to put her hands in it. Her intent is not to feed herself, of course, because that would be too conventional. No, she just wants to put her hands in it, feel it squeeze between her fingers, and then dump it back in the bowl for Parent A or B to feed to her.

    Oh, and she’s figured out how to throw her restraining bolt out of the crib, wail until daddy gives it back, rinse and repeat.

  2. DSKS- She’s working you already. They are FAST learners! Don’t let her see your weaknesses… of course, she’s probably your biggest weakness…

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