LittleA does cute.

I think it’s only fair that I pair off the six-year-old-acting-out posts with the posts describing adorable exploits of the same child. Last weekend DrMrA and I left the kids with the grandparents and headed off for an overnight in not-too-far-away big city. When I was packing the overnight bag- LittleA (who wasn’t too pleased that we were going FYI), and I had the following conversation:

LittleA:  Mommy, where are you and Daddy going to eat dinner tonight?

Me:  Ummm. I don’t know yet littleA (big lie, I knew where we were going but didn’t want to endure the tantrum that might have ensued if I had told her we were going someplace she likes)…

LittleA:  Mommy, you should go somewhere ROMANTIC!

Me:  Oh- really, why do you say that LittleA?

LittleA:  Because you LOVE each other.

Huh.  I guess she actually listens to all that propaganda about how Mommies and Daddies sometimes need time alone together because they love each other. Who knew?

At some point we’ll have a good laugh about what the kids say about sex… (in an unrelated conversation) … which is mostly……eeeeeewwww, gross….. but has taken some rather hysterical (for me anyway) turns.


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