New Look (UPDATED)

I fiddled with the look of teh blog. I was bored- love it? hate it?  I’m not sold yet.

I wish the pages were listed at the top as they were in the old theme- but I can live with them on the side.  I wish I could adjust the width of the page… I don’t love the way the ‘category cloud’ widget looks… not cloud like enough for me. But I can live with it.

On the other hand, I like the dark borders, I like the way the comments appear with different background colors, and I was just ready for a change of some sort. I wasn’t very adventurous with the colors, maybe that is what is coming next…

**SINCE I wrote that yesterday… I have yet again changed the theme. This one isn’t so width-constrained- and the pages are, again, listed at the top. It’s kind of straight lab-bench w/o a lot of style- but it overcomes the problems of the previous iteration… What say you?


27 thoughts on “New Look (UPDATED)

  1. JC- Yes, that was my thought exactly- a little spring sprucing up is a good thing! I’d change the header photo if I had time to actually … you know… be creative…maybe I should get one of the kids to draw me a picture of ladies in blue coats…

  2. I hate to say it but I agree with CPP, liked it better the old way. Its hard to read now.

  3. C PP- I was expecting some stronger or more creative language from you-honestly, you are slacking off.

    We are divided along gender lines. The boys hate it (C PP, and JP)- the girls (JC and CE) like it.

    What to do, what to do!

  4. Oh, go with the girls. I like the flowers in the line dividers and the “cloud” category header.

    (the font in the main body is a bit small, though)

  5. Also, I have a principle, that I’ll never change anything if someone tells me that it “sucks shit.”

  6. neurolover- Yeah- I get that about the font- honestly I didn’t notice the flower dividers right off- now I’m thinking a bit girly?! The fixed column width does really bug me though- I wish it was WIDER.

  7. the flowery lines are the ‘starflowers’ type, not girly girl roses or daisies. and yes, the width could be wider, but I do like the layout. so boys, thbbbbb.

  8. How do you like this one? (It’s called Vigilance) I’m limited by the themes that allow a custom header, I think this one is ok… what say you all?

    Maybe I should learn how to use that poll thingy…

  9. “honestly I didn’t notice the flower dividers right off- now I’m thinking a bit girly?!”

    “the flowery lines are the ’starflowers’ type, not girly girl roses or daisies. and yes”

    Hey, what’s wrong with girly?

    To, quote Peggy Orenstein: “. . . a different vision of feminism, femininity and girlhood, but at its heart is a desire — or perhaps the fervent hope — for girls to have it both ways: to be able to paint their nails and break them too; to embrace whatever it might be that makes them girls in a way that will sustain rather than constrain them.”

    I’m not a fan of Isis’s shoes, preferring flat heeled Naots, myself, but “girly” is not distasteful in my book.

  10. I see you’ve carved up the banner to deprive your coworkers of their great-looking hair. Why do you hate women?

    I agree that the blog is definitely too narrow. It’s tough to read even for me, as somebody with eyes set closer to one another than is considered genetically favourable.

    And yes, it’s not so much a “label cloud” as a label thunderhead. This is related to the “too narrow” problem, imho. You’ve got to let those labels breath to get the fluffy fairweather cumulus.

    “Also, I have a principle, that I’ll never change anything if someone tells me that it “sucks shit.”

    That’s not a bad principle, although as a new parent I would argue that something which “sucks shit” could be of immense practical value under certain circumstances, so one could take it as a backhanded compliment.

  11. Neurolover- There’s not a thing wrong with ‘girly’ …. it’s just not me. I have this fantasy that I’m at least somewhat stylish. (you can all insert a hearty laugh here, cause it really is just a fantasy!!)

    DSKS- L.O.L. Well, do you like the second (vigilance- it’s called) version? I’m not sure this one is wider, but without the blue borders at least you feel like it’s wider. My only problem with it is that now it’s not ‘girly’ or ‘stylish’ enough- it’s a little too straight lab bench. And FUNNY about the hair. The problem with the header photo is that each theme puts the title in a different place- the picture is busy, and if I want to have the title fully visible I have to position the picture carefully- I could shrink and re-crop… when I get a minute…

  12. Format is much better.

    btw label clouds are none too useful for anything but one word labels, so you might want to trim/contract/rephrase some of them.

  13. this one is better than the last one. I’m all about the readability, especially on mobile devices, one eye on the traffic..HAHAAHA!

  14. Doubledoc said she didn’t like girly. I’m ALL about girly! I have a pink princess tissue box, pink highlighters, pink pens, pink labbook at my desk – it keeps the boy passerbys from touching my shit. In every figure I’ve done for a paper, I’ve included pink. My PhD advisor asks me all the time to send him my ppts so he can use the slides for his talks. I always send him ppts with pink backgrounds saved as jpgs put back into ppts (so he can’t change the pink background – tee hee hee). He uses them (and tells the audience I’m the crazy evildoer who made them!)

    I liked the blue margins for the “Blue Lab Coats” theme. Although I like the layout of this vigilence thing.

  15. I like the newer new theme; it is easier to read with it wider. BTW, the person in the middle in the blue labcoat in your banner? I could swear she is a former labmate of mine.

  16. Geez JC- For the record I think girly is AWESOME- ok, I’m continuously trying to get my 11 year old to wear something more girly than athletic clothing!! It’s just not my own personal style. 😉

    Bikemonkey- That would be biking through traffic- reading your iphone??? You’re scaring me man!

    DSKS- I will ponder your question today- and reply soon as I come up with a suitable answer… I’ll make a whole post out of it..

    Tina- Glad you like it- and perhaps. Depends where you are, geographically speaking.

  17. Oh good, I’m glad that CPP still hates it. I think you should spend the rest of your day figuring out a format that everyone else loves, but that CPP hates.

    (Of course, I really don’t).

  18. “Neurolover- There’s not a thing wrong with ‘girly’ …. it’s just not me.”

    Yeah, like Dr. Isis’s shoes, just not me.

  19. It is nice, but you need* to put a link to the comments at the end of posts. I am annoyed when I read a blurb, and then scroll back up to click on comments.

    *and when I say need, I mean you can do whatever you want 🙂

  20. Jc- It may yet change more, or change back, I’m not sure yet. I also noticed that I can customize the current theme… so I’ll have to fool with that. Maybe add some flowers and pink stuff 😉

    Pinus- I get it with the comments link- that annoys me too. Maybe when I figure out how to customize this theme I can do that. Maybe I’ll switch back to the old theme- and customize that one… in any case, I like to keep you all guessing. No sense giving everything away.

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