11 thoughts on “And to bore you some more… yawn.

  1. Another newsflash: Not only is the peer review system broken, but faculty hiring is whack too.

    (I’m with the MSM)

  2. Aye yaye yae… We’re all screwed, let’s become scuba instructors…. but wait… global warming, … no more coral.


  3. Mad Hatter- Funny you should say that… sometimes I feel like a big part of my job is counseling! Maybe the switch to becoming a therapist isn’t such a big leap.

    jc- Yes, sorry. 😦 , I’ll try to make an attitude adjustment today!

  4. SCUBA instructors! Great idea! I’ve been trying to come up with a good plan B in case I can’t find me a good post-doc (or later a faculty position – notice I didn’t qualify that one). SCUBA instructor sounds awesome. Thanks.

  5. Aw c’mon. Seriously folks, it really isn’t that bad for us. We might be witnessing some seismic shifts in the traditional career paths for Ph.Ds, but it’s not as if we have postdocs collecting cans in the alleyway by a long shot. You’ve just got to be flexible, exercise the imagination, and be prepared to take advantage of any breaks that come your way.

    Worst case scenario is that we’ve spent ten years doing something cool* that paid our rent and put food on the table. (And face it, our 401Ks hadn’t earned enough of a shine to get scrubbed out in the current crisis, so no major losses there either). When I’m retiring at fifty, having made millions with my novel super-low cost no-frills online funeral services and associated fertilizer brand, I’ll still be able to look back on my academic days fondly and say that I at least had the opportunity to take part in the human pursuit of knowledge.

    * if you’re one of the those Ph.Ds who has spent ten years suffering in abject misery under the absurd delusion that such a sacrifice of youth is worthwhile for the sake of a some nebulous definition of a career, then you have bigger problems than the current economic climate.

  6. @DSKS

    It’s called humor. Okay, so maybe none of us will succeed as stand-up comics, but you can at least allow us our coping mechanisms! As far as I can tell, those of us commenting on this thread are all hanging in there.

    Seriously though, how well stipends for grad students/postdocs pay the rent and put food on the table is somewhat dependent on one’s personal circumstances. Some people have lots of college loans they’re trying to pay off. Some people have kids or elderly parents to support. Some people’s household incomes have taken a huge hit due to spouses getting laid off.

    For sure it’s not as bleak as it may seem, but it’s not all wine and roses either.

  7. DSKS- I quite agree. I have an awesome job, despite it’s flaws- things could be a whole lot worse and are for a lot of people. … but… as Mad Hatter says-… that was a lame attempt at humor. I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon!

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