Take the Poll…please…

Would you loyal readers of the blog do me a small favor and take this poll.…(see the left of the page)  about how you think science should be taught in Texas public schools. I’ll give you the heads up that this poll is being run by the hometown TV station of Texas State Board of Education Chairman, and local dentist Don McElroy- an individual that is a radical creationist.  (I’ve written before about Intelligent design and the fake controversy, and the issue of teaching of science in public schools in Texas)

It would be awesome to push the majority in the ‘EVOLUTION ONLY’ direction.  Vote early, vote often, and get all your friends to vote too!


11 thoughts on “Take the Poll…please…

  1. When I first took the poll only ~580 people had voted and about 45% voted for teaching both evolution and creationism. Just two hours later it’s ~3700 people and ~84% for evolution only!!! Keep voting!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the creationism only number starts going up shortly after services let out on Sunday, so it’s important to keep voting all weekend.

  2. Done also! Leaning massively towards evolution now, as it should. I wonder what their interpretation of this will be – will they look at the IP addresses of voters and dismiss the results if they see people from elsewhere?

  3. Aaaaargh! I’m too late too! But it looks like evolution won out by a lot. Not to unfairly malign the citizens of the great state of Texas, but I wonder what the results would’ve been had the poll been limited to Texas residents?

  4. Mad Hatter and CE- Thanks for the attempt- looks like we (and others) blew them out on Friday. When there were only 400 or so votes, it was 50/50 for ‘evolution only’ and ‘teach both’ (or whatever the categories were). And- in the end it doesn’t really matter what the vote was (it was symbolic), because McElroy is a creationist, doesn’t listen to reason, doesn’t do what his constituents want (his hometown is the location is the hometown of Texas A&M, with a population that includes a whole mess of progressive university faculty transplanted from other places), and does whatever the heck he pleases to further his own agenda. Its very very very wrong.

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