Crappy timing.


My 24 inch screen just DIED. And 5 days before the grant deadline. MUST.HAVE.BIG.SCREEN.

Maybe if I put on my glasses I’ll be able to read this tiny one…

Now I’m backing up my hard drive because I’m suitably paranoid.


13 thoughts on “Crappy timing.

  1. C PP- AAAAARgh. Do not even bring this up right now. I’m so pissed that this happened right before grant deadline!

  2. Get an LG flat! I have a super sweet setup connecting 2 pcs and a mac, that is when I can find it THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN OF FREAKING PAPERS! Treat yourself, just do it. Best Buy. Now. GO. And get a dohickey so you can hook up a laptop to it. Shopping Spree – YAYYYYY!

    I have this one: LG – 24″ Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor Model: W2452T-TF

  3. jc- sniff. I’m going to see if the old one can be fixed first… then I’m going shopping. sniff.

    As for the mountain of papers, I got on a wild organizing binge and have been putting all my papers here…that hasn’t yet diminished the pile on my desk, but at least my computer desk top is starting to be a little tidier!

  4. I’ve been wondering about “papers” too. Sadly, the papers coming out my ass and landing on my desk/floor/wall/printer are figures and tables I’m tweaking for a paper, several submissions I need to make decisions for reviews on, and instruction manuals for programs from HELL!
    My computer desktop is a hell of its own at the moment. I have a long flight coming up and I was going to attack it then. with a knife.
    I hope your screen is still covered by warranty.

  5. Not totally unlike the one color printer jamming up and dying the night before a paper-submission grant (with collated copies) is due. Computer monitors dying must be just a way of Murphy’s Law catching up with technology.

  6. Odyssey-

    I’ve just started using it- so the jury is still out. I’m finding it tedious to match pdfs one at a time, and wonder if someone more savvy with this knows how to do this in batch… I think I will like having the pdfs all in one searchable place though. People tell me that endnote has lots of functions that I was unaware of and that good reference librarians can help one figure it out…

  7. Unless you are on a dialup connection, I really fail to see any reason to file/organize/categorize/store PDFs of papers at all. When I need to consult a paper, I go to fucking Pubmed and download the motherfucker.

  8. C PP- There are times and places where I rely on a dial up connection (stone age, I know), and sometimes I don’t have one at all. I don’t want to be tied to my office all the time. And just FYI- the screen is OK!! Just need a new power adapter… in 2 days I’ll be up and running …

  9. Huh! My university makes us pay if we spend more than about US$12 per month. So I store pdfs rather than download all the time- need to keep that for my music and blog reading.

  10. drdrA,

    I store PDFs on my computer as well. I sort them by project and use a naming convention (year_journal_firstauthor_keywordsfromtitle). I then link to them via Endnote. It’s a bit tedious at first, but after that initial setup … golden.

    Oh, and why bother even trying to get a monitor fixed … it’ll cost as much as a new, and most likely better, one.

  11. TomJoe- 71$ for a new power supply = fixed monitor. The new monitor I covet is >10x the cost.

    anon- That was the goal- I’m pleased it is working! and- we have an awesome library- no charging for downloading…

    Ewan- Maybe I should get back to my series on writing…?

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