Please… go vote in this poll…

Drugmonkey has been posting regularly about animal rights activism going on at UCL (I’ll post the links to his posts when I’m not juggling two kids). Today, the LA Times ran an article and a poll … Poll title and choices are:

Can medical research on animals be conducted humanely?

Yes — and I support it if the animals are treated well
No — it’s inhumane by definition and I don’t support it
Not sure

Don’t vote here- go over there and vote!!


5 thoughts on “Please… go vote in this poll…

  1. Done. I wonder if any of those 24% of voters who voted that animal research was cruel and unnecessary have ever seen someone affected by devastating illness… and understood the need and benefit of animal research? I think not.

  2. 30 demonstrators but 5,000 votes? hmmm, I smell poll crashing.

    Keep on voting. Clear that cache and vote again! Use all the browsers installed on your computer.

  3. The AR fans are putting up a defense but they didn’t have the numbers once the Pharyngaloids came to play (even though some of those commenters are AR themselves)

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