Trying out Twitter…

Ok, so it only took me a couple of months to get used to Facebook- and now I’m in technology update mode again. I’ve got two basic tasks:

1.  Figure out Twitter... you can follow my stumbling around there at drdrAatBLC . I also put a widget on the side there- I don’t know if I like that though – I’ll probably fool with it some more…

2.  Figure out the technology in my new car. Boy- have things changed since I last bought a car! I’ve got to learn a whole new set of software!


7 thoughts on “Trying out Twitter…

  1. I’m telling you, as much as I hate it, that this is “The Future”.

    Just wait. PL0SFourTwits will be online soon enough, cutting the already rickets-riddled GlamourRagz right off at the shins with its enormous Twitpact Factor. All submissions under 140 characters welcome.

    Then the NIH will get in on this rotten trend, and 12 pages will seem like a graduate dissertation.

  2. DSKS- LOL, esp about the 12 pages… Twitpact Factor… He He He. FYI- my 11 year old informed me that she knows all about twitter and that she will teach me the proper twitter slang.

    And it wouldn’t be PLOSFourTwits,…. wouldn’t it be PLOSFourTweets??

  3. PLoS_ONE_TWEET totes belongs on my CV. Sadly, I know a moron who turned in a 30 page dissertation. He IS a TWIT. The original. Even worse, he got handed his degree.

    There’s software in your car? Oh jeez. I haven’t learned how to set the damn clock yet. 11 years later. Still set in the time zone I bought it, which is not the one I’m in.

  4. jc- I’ve been fiddling with the hands free phone system. The car can apparently get everything off my blackberry (and probably out of my brain too)…

  5. I haven’t learned how to Twitter (or is it Tweet?) yet so am interested to hear your thoughts as you go along. 🙂

  6. Ink- Jury is still out. It has a different feel from facebook- It is going to take me a while to get used to it, I think. Also, I have to figure out the slang- the thing has it’s own language.

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