ASM does Twitter…

He He He… looks like the American Society for Microbiology is coming into the digital age. I heard it directly from no less than the former president of ASM, they will be tweeting at the ASM General Meeting in Philadelphia… Which starts this coming Sunday, May 17… and ends on Thursday, May 21. I’ll be there…

You can follow the goings on at this meeting here:

Maybe they could twitter about microbiology and infectious diseases in the news year round???


4 thoughts on “ASM does Twitter…

  1. I’ll be there too! First time since 2004. I will not be twittering however. I intended on blogging about things at the Meeting which are interesting however.

  2. Microbeworld twitters year-round! Chris is really trying to push ASM into the digital area; I get the sense that he’s meeting with lots of resistance (or at least, apathy), though.

  3. That’s wonderful! (I belong to a professional society that doesn’t even have a functional email list, so it is heartening to hear that others are technology friendly!)

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