Twitter IS good for something…

I’m following Sciencewoman on twitter… and she tweeted about the Science Creative Quarterly yesterday… and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE SCQ.  The first time I found the part of the SCQ (esp. the Order of Science Scouts Badges) I was sitting in bed with my laptop, DrMrA sleeping next to me, and I was laughing so hard that the bed was vibrating and tears were streaming down my face.  Yes, you know you are a geek when you’ve earned three or more of those hilarious badges. I not even telling how many I have.

Well, the Order of Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique website has been completely renovated… new badges and all. I’ve earned a couple already….

The ‘I use twitter to spread science badge’


And the I’ve accumulated this one- the ‘I somehow convinced someone to part with a lot of money for science’ badge:


But this one (that I’ve had practically forever) will always be closest to my heart:


In case you couldn’t figure that one out it is the ‘works with feces‘ badge…


6 thoughts on “Twitter IS good for something…

  1. I’m not telling how many either, but I do have the Dodger of Monkey Shit badge from college.

  2. unbalanced reaction- Yikes- I just realized I am so woefully behind updating my blogroll… you should see yourself on it now! 🙂

  3. I like the “I’ve published at the SCQ” badge, but I’m far too modest to openly boast about my own humble and yet vital and timely contribution to this particularly prestigious periodical.

  4. i like your last badge, I use to work with “feces” then left it, and now I’m back in working with it, does this mean i get the badge twice ?

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