Airports,… and more airports.

I’m on the road, on a much needed rest from all things electronic trip. So… blogging may be light for a bit. So far all is well, except for the small inconvenience that all the suitcases were lost. In fact 2/3 the passengers on our flight lost their suitcases- and I’m wondering how such things happen. Didn’t the pilot notice that the fuel economy on the flight was just a little TOO good???

Up until now Charles de Gaulle in Paris was my least favorite airport … but today, I’ve just got two words for you:

Heathrow Sucks.

My heartfelt apologies to my British readership. I mean SERIOUSLY 2.5 hours to get around the airport (including a bus AND a train) and all the checked bags lost??

10 thoughts on “Airports,… and more airports.

  1. Yup, Heathrow is an awful place. The only thing good about it is the duty free on your way back.

    O’Hare is worse than Heathrow though.

  2. Well… I like LHR. I even like Terminal 5, although the baggage system does indeed have issues. [2.5 hours to get between terminals? You must have missed the every-5-min free shuttle? Takes maybe 20 min max; and the links to central London are great, you can get there and back in a layover period.]

    On the other hand, I’m on my sixth consecutive week of multi-day, multi-airport travel, so I’m probably overly jaded at this point. At least my 8 month-old still recognises me :).

  3. Hmm…I haven’t been to Heathrow in a really long time, but I still argue that LAX is the absolute worst. Probably doesn’t help that most of the times I’ve entered the country through LAX, I’ve been on a visa. Nothing like standing in line forever and being grilled by rude immigration officers to make you feel welcome!

  4. LHR really does suck. I try to avoid London and fly into Manchester if at all possible. If not, I try to fly into Gatwick, which also sucks, but less than LHR.

  5. Hey,

    I’m sure the suitcases made it on your flight, but then got lost in that maze in the airport.
    Hope you guy’s have a save trip, and enjoy your well deserved time off

  6. Ugh, I know what you mean! CDG is a crappy airport, but I cringe whenever I’m about to purchase tickets that transit me through LHR. I’ve spent WAY too many hours in that place. Unfortunately it’s often the cheapest/most direct route for me to get home. Hope you have a nice vacation!

  7. I saw the largest pile of luggage ever, shoved off to the side at Heathrow. I don’t know whose they were or what they were doing there, but the pile was double the height of a person and cones had been places around it. If this is how they typically deal with luggage, then I guess it’s not too surprising that it gets lost.

  8. No need to apologise, LHR is pretty poor – I strongly recommend routing via Gatwick or Stansted instead. Or Manchester if going to northern Europe… or Copenhagen, good shopping there!

    LAX is dreadful if you’re not american.

  9. JaneB- I’ve been in both Gatwick and Stansted- pretty reasonable airports, I thought. DrMrA favors Amsterdam for transfers in Europe- that used to be our standard route- but we’ve been pretty much everywhere lately.

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