Who are you… and what are you doing here (repost)

Oh, what the hell. I’ll play again on this meme going around at various places including scienceblogs. … and I’m on vacation with little time to write a real long meaty post…

So, it’s up to you people…

1) Tell me about you. Who are you? Do you have a background in science? If so, what draws you here as opposed to meatier, more academic fare? And if not, what brought you here and why have you stayed? Let loose with those comments.

2) Tell someone else about this blog and in particular, try and choose someone who’s not a scientist but who you think might be interested in the type of stuff found in this blog. Ever had family members or groups of friends who’ve been giving you strange, pitying looks when you try to wax scientific on them? Send ’em here and let’s see what they say.

… give me some beach reading material…


4 thoughts on “Who are you… and what are you doing here (repost)

  1. I’ve been reading since the beginning, you ARE meaty!! Whatchootalkinbout?

    My family waxes incoherent with words larger than 4 letters, and can’t communicate without hand motions and finger pointing, so you don’t want them here. I have sent peeps here (HI PEEPS) and I thank you for sharing your blog with us. Enjoy vacay!

  2. quiet and small here, i’m working on my ph.d for micro. i clicked over here about 6 months ago (i think) stayed for the entertainment and education in what lies ahead for a grad. thank you!!!

  3. I’m a woman in science, postdoc level, and I’ve found science a rather lonely place which is why I enjoy coming here.

  4. I’m a female government scientist (Masters, no PhD) who is somewhat relieved she didn’t choose the postdoc-PhD-professor track. I think that a certain personality type is required to do what you do… but you both certainly seem to enjoy your careers and thrive in the everyday challenges! Believe it or not, there are common themes in government employment and life as a tenure-track professor, which keeps me coming back for more. Keep it up!

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