Should you tell a guy you are a feminist?

Should you tell a guy you are a feminist?

…came up yesterday in the search terms that people came to my blog from… I thought that was kind of interesting since I don’t write too much about feminism. But- since you asked…

OF COURSE you should tell him, or at least show him by your actions. If he objects, you didn’t want him around anyway- if he’s good with it- then he can stay. Seems pretty black or white to me really.

(I’m kinda easing back into this blogging business…)


6 thoughts on “Should you tell a guy you are a feminist?

  1. “…or at least show him by your actions”

    Agreed. And likewise,a guy’s position on gender equality should be made at least partly clear by observing his actions.

    Proclaiming oneself “a feminist” isn’t too illuminating without further conversation, anyway. Arguably, it would be a sign of political immaturity if that term was used as a fully self-explanatory label, no addenda required. Like claiming to be a “socialist”, or as is more often the case these days, a “libertarian”.

  2. I’m with Cath… it’s a secret? Once you start labeling yourself, people focus on to the label of you rather than the person of you. Just be yourself. 🙂

  3. Not just guys. Heaps of people have preconceptions about what a feminist is. Whatever, people. I rarely use the dreaded F word for this reason. Actions are better.

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