Love-Hate Relationships with Science

This is a officially quickie post, while I’m working on something for real…

Yesterday I saw this awesome post about our tumultous relationships with science over at Ambivalent Academic’s blog… and I about died laughing.

OH MY GOSH- how well do I know this particular roller-coaster… Aren’t all of us academic scientists (at least) in this co-dependent relationship with science?

5 thoughts on “Love-Hate Relationships with Science

  1. I’m glad it made you laugh πŸ™‚

    Thing is, if I had this kind of relationship with another person, I’d leave his sorry ass. But I haven’t left science. It makes me question whether this is all worth it. it’s really bad timing to be having a crisis of faith while interviewing for post-docs and trying to write. But I will say one thing – that post was cathartic!

  2. AA- Only you can answer whether it is all worth it, and the answer probably won’t be the same at different stages in your training and career. I can tell you that the day I got my Ph.D., I thought I would never be in an academic science setting again. I learned from this that making big decisions at the time that you are the most down, the most burned out, or whatever- is a really bad idea.

  3. it’s really bad timing to be having a crisis of faith while interviewing for post-docs and trying to write.

    It is a huge mistake to decide at this particular juncture in the training process that you wish to get out of science.

  4. I’m not *actually, seriously* wishing to get out of academic science. It just sounds tempting at the moment. And I find that it’s harder to be excited/motivated about the next step when science is sucking ass. I know it gets better, because it has been better. I just don’t feel very enthusiastic about beginning anew at the moment. Of course, once I get this farcking experiment working again I will probably be all gung-ho about interviews again. So it goes.

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