DrDrA’s To-Do List

I’ve got piles and piles of stuff to do, like I am sure you all do. Here is a look at my fall…some of it is really good, … some of it, well, is lacking… but I’m pretty pleased about the whole 9 yards.

1. Supervise the editing of 2 book chapters. All I have to say about this is… WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING. … no really, it will be delightful fun!

2. Host visiting scientists… to teach new model…fun fun fun… really looking forward to it.

3.  Graduate a student… awesome to see a trainee hitting their milestones.

4.  Be a soccer mom, piano mom, and take on a new role as a clarinet mom.

5.  Expand the lab… hire like mad…. outfit some potential new space… JUST grow…and do great science.

6.  Start new position as an editor for excellent journal in my sub-field. Really, insanely excited  but scared silly of screwing up all at the same time.

7.  Submit 2 papers. … writing that on this blog makes it feel URGENT.

8. Attend international meeting… after 9 airplane rides in the last two months…WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING… my travel agenda needs to be spaced out…. well, actually- I was thinking of #9.

9.  Put together and submit TENURE package.  Yeah. Excited and scared silly all at the same time.

Yes, you read that right. Tenure package. I can’t believe it myself, but it is time. I’ve got a guideline for format- but I’m guessing that like with all of this kind of stuff, there is a learning curve, the handbook doesn’t cover the 21 million mistakes you can make on this monster, and you probably only figure out those screw-ups once it is over. The tenure process isn’t really something I want to do twice.

I’m off the unsolicited advice chair for once, bet you thought it would never happen.  All of you wise tenured people- you are on the hot-seat. Give me your thoughts on tenure packages and outline the 21 million places the thing can go all to hell…


9 thoughts on “DrDrA’s To-Do List

  1. WOW. All I can say is, you make me feel a lot better about the stuff I’m trying to get done in the next few months! Seems like a positive cakewalk in comparison (even if one of the items on my to-do list is “Have baby”….)

  2. There’s nothing really to say about the tenure package. Your institution likely has a standard format for presenting the information about your service, teaching, and research. There’s nothing you can do about any of that stuff now; it is what it is.

    The only room for strategizing relates to the list of suggested letter writers you will provide. You can leave a few people off the list that you think will write good letters for you, and then “casually mention” the names of those people to your chair (assuming your chair is supportive and on your side).

  3. Gosh, DrDrA. You always sound so with-it. I just assumed you already had tenure.

    I am putting the last touches on my package – just the teaching statement to do. I am really irritated that I was told for six years that teaching should be lowest priority, but am now expected to pile on the pedagogical bullshit for my tenure package. Thank goodness I have that teaching award to highlight ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. But that bullshit isn’t going to write itself, so back to it.

    Contrary to CPP, I’ve found a lot of conflicting information at my school about what does and does not go in the package apart from the bare minimum.

  4. Dr. J & Mrs. H.- No. ‘Have baby’, trumps my list. I have two (babies that is, even if they are 11 and 7)- so I know just exactly and precisely that little event is going to rock your world. I remember it like it was yesterday. Just how much you want that little creature to be born because you can’t stand going to the bathroom every 50 seconds and you think you are ‘ready’…. then like three minutes after they are born and you are holding them thinking-… how could I ever have thought I was ‘ready’ for this… I COULD NEVER BE READY. … but it doesn’t matter… you figure it all out eventually anyway. It’s all good. 🙂

    C PP- OH that’s a prize winning idea. And I didn’t want hints on how to do the paperwork- I wanted the stuff I won’t think of-… like what you suggest.

  5. Anonymous- Oh, now I’m laughin’ .. but thanks for saying so. My life is just nuts- and there is always something going on (usually about 20 things), but I like it that way. I too have encountered concern about teaching- which I think is interesting because everyone knows that without $$ and papers… one won’t get tenure (at least not here)… yet what I’m hearing people chat about most… is teaching. ???

    As for C PP, I have to say- I know some tenured faculty that got NO direction when they were going up- not even a simple set of instructions about what should be in the package. So I think different institutions are all over the charts here.

  6. Your life is nuts? You certainly conceal it in your posts!

    I am giving myself an hour to finish my teaching statement, and then I am going home to back 25 cupcakes. And then I will spend the evening shopping for “goody bags.” Now *that* is nuts.

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