Federal Grant #1 has been awarded, after months of nail biting anxiety.

Golly, I’m out of words for this….although the waves of relief rushing over me are palpable.

Could we have a blog party??!!

55 thoughts on “!!!!!Eleventy!!!!

  1. “Could we have a blog party??!!”

    Yes, yes, let’s have one.

    Congratulations drdrA!

  2. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Congratulations! I’ll have a little alcohol-free party for ya over here. My internal occupant isn’t of drinking age yet.

  3. I’m going to eat some choc chip cookie dough right out of the plastic package roll for you.

    Get down with your bad self.

  4. Wow, you guys brought virtual booze, juice, COOKIE DOUGH, video, music… now we just need some Doritos…
    You guys are awesome to celebrate with!! Thanks..!!

  5. Awesome!!!

    Isn’t it great when hard work pays off?

    I’ll just put this keg down in the corner and go and see if Professor in Training has any spare Doritos.

  6. Holy Cow- the Keg has arrived, now we can really get started. And the bourbon… where is PiT with those darn Doritos!! 😉

  7. terrifiedtabetic- Welcome. I so love your blog, and I’m honored to be a member of your clique! (thus commences the obligatory blog party small talk)!

  8. jebus, almost anyone can get in fart-boy’s clique, geez., fan-girl much doubledoc?

    /whispers behind his hand to Prof In Training under cover of Dorito crunching

  9. Another late arrival… bringing some extra doritos, and lots of congratulations! Well done, what a relief, we knew you could do it!!

  10. Hmmm, we need some more “celebration” tunes. Anyone remember this?

    PiT, we seem to be running short on Doritos. Time to start sharing.

  11. Oh bikemonkey- Darling (in a nice professional- bloggy kind of way) -do I detect a note of jealously… you have a unique place in my clique that could not ever be usurped by the likes of fart-boy, or anyone else. 😉
    If I didn’t have you… who would I swap dirty old folk hero favorites with…speaking of… here’s one just for you.

    I’ll share my doritos with you any day.

  12. Hey – I warned all of you that you were only getting one bag to share. Don’t expect me to give you any of my own delicious chips just because you can’t ration your own.

    We’ve been partying all night. I don’t know about the others, but I’m hungry. Now step away from the bag and nobody gets hurt… 🙂

  13. Now step away from the bag and nobody gets hurt…

    Odyssey, if I wasn’t already injured, I’d snap you in half like a twig … well, actually I’d call my former teammates and get them to take you down on my behalf 🙂

  14. Sorry I’m late…stupid mapquest gave me the wrong directions again. Anyway, here’s a toast to you — congratulations!

  15. Oh dear, people are arguing – and even though it’s not MY party I always feel a bit responsible for making things run smoothly – so I’m just going to pop to the all night store and get eleventy of those large party bags of Doritos (anyone need anything else whilst I’m going? Chocolate, marmite, clingfilm??? a couple of null hypotheses and a dozen TAs?)

  16. Odyssey, if I wasn’t already injured, I’d snap you in half like a twig … well, actually I’d call my former teammates and get them to take you down on my behalf

    I suspect you could do it with your injuries and with one hand tied behind your back… And let’s not get your former teammates involved. Otherwise I’d have to call up mine and before you know it an extremely violent sports event will be in progress. And I can tell you what little is left in the keg won’t even begin to sate my former teammates. We’d need at least three more…

    Thankfully JaneB has arrive to defuse the situation.

    On the other hand, marmite!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. Aaahhh…I missed the blog party…sniffle. 😦 Congratulations, though! That is totally awesome!!!! Hey, is there any booze left over? ;-}

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