What my kid learned from the President.

The morning after the President spoke to the schoolchildren of this nation about staying in school and working hard, LittleA awoke with a runny nose. She came into my bedroom at 6:30 am and said…

LittleA:  Mommy, can I stay home from school today? (sniffle, sniffle)… Mr. Obama said we should stay home from school if we are sick. He did!

And that was the sum total of what she learned from his speech. I’m thinking I shouldn’t have let her watch cause now I’m going to be hearing that she should stay home for every minor ailment imaginable.


5 thoughts on “What my kid learned from the President.

  1. Academic-

    Me: What else did Mr. Obama say, anything interesting?
    Little A: No
    Me: Was it inspiring?
    Little A: No
    Me: What else did he say?
    Little A: Nothing, just that we should stay home from school if we were sick. Oh, and everyone got to watch except ‘Jane Doe’, she was the only one in my whole grade who didn’t get to watch. She had to sit out in the hall and read a book during the speech because her parents don’t like Mr. Obama.
    Me: Why not?
    Little A: Because Mr. Obama is not religious.
    (I was kinda surprised by that last, I confess, and I had to do a bit of correcting).

  2. See, ‘they’ told us our kids shouldn’t listen…

    haha, I’m glad she got something out of it! Even though, I think President Obama would be a little disappointed to learn that the take home message of his speech was to stay home from school!!

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