Return to Dodge…

I’m back, and that’s a good thing. Meetings are fun, but also exhausting- and I find I don’t want to speak to anyone for like a solid week after I return. I’ve got an obscenely large pile of paperwork that needs my attention, but instead I’ll procrastinate by looking at some new data.

I do want to cover one piece of business before I retreat, however. Apparently in my small corner of science my identity, so carefully pseudonymously (??) hidden on this blog hahahahah– is no longer a secret. On the one hand, I’m completely delighted that my small sub-corner of science is reading blogs, and perhaps becoming more savvy to this method of communication!!! Eleventy!! Maybe that means that our road to moving to other online communication and networking tools isn’t as far off as I thought it might be. To those of you in my field (you know who you are) who read this blog- I say welcome- and I hope you find something useful here! Lots of scientists blog- on lots of topics- many of their blogs can be found down there on the right on my blogroll- if you don’t find anything that interests you here- check out Drugmonkey, or Writedit, or Female Science Professor, … and so many others I have linked too.

On the other hand- I have to say I’m somewhat unsure of how to handle the selective loss of my pseudonymity. I’m fairly certain that not everyone observes the blogger code of honor when it comes to keeping the real-life identity of a pseudonymous blogger secret. I suppose I should take it as a ?compliment? that you might want to tell your friends who writes this blog- and I’d be delighted if that is how you mean it. But- I ask you most sincerely to resist the temptation to reveal my real-life name- I have good reasons for that. Sure, tell them you know DrDrA in person…- tell them you love or hate what I wrote… but at least for a little tiny bit longer allow me to write as DrDrA and not as myself. I’d be thrilled if you comment here and participate in the conversations we have- I promise never to reveal your identities. If you want to contact me and you know me, just use my real-life email address- or the pseudonymous one listed above.

And one final thing- never assume you know who I am writing about… because 99% of the time, you’d be wrong.

2 thoughts on “Return to Dodge…

  1. Isn’t it strange when people recognize you from what you wrote? I didn’t think that would happen but eventually got emails from people I know. I try to include less information relevant to what I do now, but in some ways that means I have to sacrifice some things that I want to discuss, so it’s a tough line to toe. I have toyed with the idea of providing a link to my lab on the blog, without including my name on it anywhere, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet (as evidenced by my departmental rantings today :).

  2. You know, there are some bloggers who I think would do harm to their career by revealing their identity. But I really don’t think you have anything to worry about – you’ve consistently written good, useful, and respectful posts. Having said that I will, of course, respect your pseudonymity, and that of any other blogger whose identity I happen to know.

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