CWSEM picks up list of 50 “must-read” blogs written by Women in Science and Engineering

Apparently the list of the the 50 must-read women science bloggers that was posted months ago on the Phlebotomy Technician School website has caught the attention of the  Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine, a standing committee of the National Research Council (NRC).  The CWSEM  has re-posted this list of the top 50 ‘Must-Read Blogs’ written by women in science and engineering on its very own website. To quote from the PTS site that was re-quoted by CWSEM:

Women have long played an important role in scientific developments and discourse, however, this role has historically received relatively less recognition and coverage as compared to their male counterparts. Over the last few years, however, blogging has opened up a way for leading women in science to bring to light the important improvements women have made, the struggles they still encounter, and the strategies they set up for their work to be recognized.”

All I have to say is that’s pretty cool and… !WOOT! girls- we hit the big time! We may have started out on the PTS website, …. but we’ve been discovered by the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine…

I’m going to poke around a bit on their website… between manuscripts!


4 thoughts on “CWSEM picks up list of 50 “must-read” blogs written by Women in Science and Engineering

  1. That’s cool on the one hand… on the other hand I wish they had created their own new list (which I’m sure would have hugely overlapped). The PTS site made up that list (and many others) without any particular criteria, if I remember correctly some of the folks aren’t even scientists (though, maybe it was a humanities list that had scientists? Maybe I’m remembering it the wrong way), and it was clear from the synopses that they knew little of the blogs they were linking to (for instance: “Drug Monkey: Focuses on women in the biomedical research industry.” and “Scientiae A blog that composes posts written about the vast field of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The many topics include living the scientific academic life as well as the rest of life and sharing feminist perspectives on science and technology.” No, and, it’s a carnival!). Plus it gives the PTS folks another link from what was initially a spamming strategy.

    So next time, let’s hope these folks start to listen to what we have to say and become regular readers! THEN we’ll start to have even more impact!

  2. Kate- One foot in the door at a time. Maybe that will get some attention and then they will go out and start reading these blogs… for sure. Just a foot in the door.

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