Mom Heroics

See that witch pumpkin on the far right?

I carved that son-of-a-gun.

AFTER 3 glasses of wine.

In the dark.


I know my way around sharp objects, but in this case it is a miracle that I still have 10 fingers.

A mom’s got to do, what a mom’s got to do.

It is the small victories.


8 thoughts on “Mom Heroics

  1. you forgot:
    uphill, both ways. in the snow. backwards, in heels.

    you showed that pumpkin who’s witch!

  2. I’m impressed! I leave the pumpkin carving to my husband. Also, the trick or treating. I just dress em up and send em out, then play the bad guy doling out candy (“I said one!”) for the next month.

  3. i think it’s funny how as a related possible post pops up under your blog;
    The Wicked Old Witches of the far right are finally dead !
    You know your not suppose to play with sharp right :). especially not after drinking.

  4. CTD- I didn’t even notice that- it IS funny! YES, I don’t usually drink OR play with sharps… I have nothing to say in my own defense!

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