Candid Engineer’s NIFPW Wisdom

Candid Engineer has a post up (since yesterday) about her recent experience at the Negotiating the Ideal Faculty Position Workshop (at Rice)… her post is an excellent summary of what should be in your application package, plus other collective advice. I think generally the posts I have written on this topic, the posts Comrade Physioprof and Drugmonkey have written (I’ll find the links for y’all I just can’t do it this minute), and Candid’s post of yesterday all echo the same bits of wisdom again and again.


2 thoughts on “Candid Engineer’s NIFPW Wisdom

  1. Yes, I’d have to say that I feel a bit silly rehashing it all given that it’s been posted on by all of you fine people previously- I just feel like I can do a bit of a service by putting it all in the same place. 🙂

  2. Candid-

    No, No, NO- you absolutely should post what you learned in this area- Great to keep this advice going- new people discover this advice when you post on it, then get the the collective wisdom of all three of us! I think that is great.

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