Go Play Gender Bias Bingo

How do you teach people in your academic sphere about gender bias without waving a copy of various books on the subject in their faces and expecting them to actually READ them? ‘Cause- you know, it is pretty darn rare that you can get your colleagues to purchase, or even crack open your copy, of Virginia Valian’s fine book: Why so slow? Hmmm. I think there might be a new approach for this one…

I found this website for the Gender Bias Learning Project this morning, and I promptly started playing Gender Bias Bingo, and taking the little pop quiz. I’m in education, so I’m all about pop quizzes. And because many times I feel like I need an instruction book to navigate some of these biases, the GBLP has also provided a section on strategies for surviving gender bias, complete with short video presentations from some relevant experts. I haven’t watched many of them yet (meetings, manuscripts, and experiments all day), but I will later.

If you find this site useful, pass it on (and I’ll tweet it!). I think this is a great, and quick way to educate about, and teach people to recognize gender bias, in a simple, straightforward, and relatively time sparing way.


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