Ph.D.? Check.

I graduated my first Ph.D. student today, I was a total nervous wreck. But somehow I naively thought that giving her introduction would be like giving the introduction to any old seminar speaker, that I’d be able to breeze right through that and not let that even touch me.  I was unexpectedly emotional (NO, I did not cry- but I was damn close), during the introduction. As Comrade Physioprof would say…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!! And, WTF was I thinking. (that concludes the swearing portion of this post)

I was totally choked up. It was almost worse than how choked up I was at my own thesis defense. There is just something totally wonderful about seeing a student who was dead serious about quitting graduate school, finally make it- and make it big time. And make it with 3 KIDS IN TOW, one under the age of 4. And make it in front of her family, that has been cheering for her the whole time.


16 thoughts on “Ph.D.? Check.

  1. Congratulations–what a milestone! especially guiding a student who’s close to dropping out.

    And I’ve seen a number of PIs choke up at defenses, or even tenure talks. The smoothest speaker gets caught off guard by his or her emotions–and yes I’ve seen it in both sexes for sure.

  2. sounds perfectly normal to me. i think my mentor completely lost track of what to say at my introduction, and i was graduate # double-digit. 🙂 congrats to you and your trainee!

  3. Thanks everybody. I’m finally over that roller coaster of being a total nervous wreck to being on a happy high, in 3 hours or less. I am very pleased, and so is she!

    Dr. Leigh- I suppose that means I’m going to have to get used to that all-choked up feeling…. cause I have a couple more in the pipeline!

    jc- We did indeed. And we’ll have a big party at my house too.

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