An open letter…

An open letter to the idiot who left their lab timer on the bench this afternoon:

Ok douchebag- laboratory timers have a clip on the back for a REASON. Perhaps you could take it with you next time, instead of leaving it on the bench in the lab, next door to my office, where it can beep endlessly for a freaking hour, annoying the crap out of me. I mean seriously. You are lucky that my new Green Day CD has been drowning out the incessant beeping ’cause I was in a bad mood to begin with.

May your batteries all be dead. And if they aren’t I’m going to remove them myself so you can wonder why your timer isn’t working. Or maybe I’ll just take the damn timer and solve the whole problem.

All my love,


Just my luck that the ONLY other freaking person in the building today is working in the lab adjacent to my office and has piss poor laboratory timer etiquette. Shit.

p.s. I resolve to curse less in 2010.

p.p.s. We all know how long those new year resolutions last.


13 thoughts on “An open letter…

  1. I actually had a colleague in my postdoc lab yell at me one day for turning his beeping timer off while he was on an extended lunch break off-campus … apparently it was my fault his assay was ruined. Grrrr.

  2. “May your batteries all be dead” LOL! Yeah, hit ’em where it hurts!


  3. Turn the timer off. Put a note on the timer saying “It beeped. It was annoying. It’s done.” Obviously, whatever it was timing wasn’t important enough to actually care about when the timer beeped. I have no tolerance for poor lab etiquette. Nor should you.

  4. CE- Right now I have the offending timer sitting in my office on my desk. They are going to have to look pretty hard to find it.

  5. If someone is not around to stop their Damn timer in time, they will see a flying timer, or it will go to a very dark place.
    And the no cursing thing is over rated!!

  6. crispytacoDoc- I agree with the no cursing thing. I’ve been listening to a lot of green day lately- and my cursing level goes through the ceiling when that happens!

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