Cell launches article-of-the-future….

Hey did you guys see this- Cell Press unveiled a new format for their online material. I found this on Twitter and had 5 enjoyable minutes free of administrative battles to check it out. You can read all about it here.

New features include a graphical summary and highlights on the landing page (example here).  Tab navigation for each section of the paper, you can see tabs for the text and the references for each section when you click on a particular section. The materials and methods also has multiple tabs- one where you get a short summary of each technique, and another where you get the whole 9 yards of each experiment. The results tab shows all the figures together, then you can look at them with the figure on the left and the legend on the right.  The references appear with context, and links to Scopus, and Pubmed (among others).

There are additional tabs that let you see the time line- so when the paper was submitted, accepted, etc etc, and one for other functions like the comment function. Unfortunately, anonymous comments are not allowed… so that feature will probably fall as flat as it has everywhere else where commenters have to identify themselves.

I’m going to have to spend more than 5 minutes with it to figure out what I don’t like about it.


3 thoughts on “Cell launches article-of-the-future….

  1. I like it!

    I wonder if the authors are responsible for writing the summaries as well as the full methods, or if the journal’s editorial staff play a role.

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