ASM Journals adds RSS feeds…


I received the American Society for Microbiology’s President’s Bimonthly Newsletter. … and I was delighted to see this:

In early December, in response to the findings in a survey of ASM authors and readers, two new features were installed for all journals: RSS feeds and “Email a Friend.” The Email a Friend Feature was used 835 times in the first 3 weeks. (emphasis is mine).

I ran right over to my Google reader- and added Infection and Immunity to my feeds… and I’ll go back later and add the Journal of Bacteriology…. and … Microbiology…. and …Applied and Environmental Microbiology….and many others…

And there is more, also from ASM:

The Communications Committee partnered with two food-related scientific membership organizations to develop a survey on members’ use of social media. There were 349 respondents from ASM. Some findings from ASM respondents include the following:

  • The majority go online more than once a day for professional information (other than e-mail)
  • About one third participate in Linked In for personal and/or professional reasons
  • About half participate in Facebook for personal and/or professional reasons
  • Less than 10% use Twitter
  • About 25% post and comment to social media sites
  • About 20% upload audio/visual material to social media sites
  • Over half visit and maintain a profile on a social networking site
  • About half report reading, watching, and listening to social media

In general, respondents reported using group-specific “informational” Web sites, such as those maintained by CDC and NIH, at a much higher rate than the social networking sites presented in the questionnaire. We plan to modify the survey and ask a larger number of ASM members to participate to obtain information to guide ASM’s social media strategy.

Hmmmm. I didn’t get the survey… I wonder if these #s will hold when a larger number of respondents is surveyed- they do have something like 43,000 members…


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